ALP Coin

ALP Coin
ALP Coin is an internal token of the European cryptocurrency exchange ALP Turk, developed using the Ethereum ecosystem, in particular, the ERC-20 standard.
ALP Coin usages
Benefits of using ALP Coin
ALP Turk plans to gradually implement the token into the exchange's ecosystem. Among the main goals of the company is the distribution of cryptocurrency within the global economy, the establishment of strategic partnerships with leading payment systems and crypto wallets. Holders of ALP tokens receive:
Trading fee discount
ALP Coin holders can save on the trading commission, and referral holders of ALP Coin tokens on the ALP Turk exchange will receive increased referral payments
Liquidity protection
ALP Coin tokens will be stored in the ALP Turk Fund and used to protect the interests of users
Exclusive offers
Bonus, motivation systems for holders and advertising and marketing opportunities for partners are built on ALP Coin token
Materials on token
Company products
Benefits of using company products
The possibilities of using ALP Coin on the exchange will be gradually expanded. ALP Coin holders can exchange tokens for products and services within the ALP Turk ecosystem. Token holders receive an additional dedicated communication channel with a personal support service operator - and other advantages.
Alpha Paradise priority
The opportunity to take part in the platform's development
Expansion of trading pairs
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